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The Prostate Milking Video is Used in the Porn Industry in a Surprising Way

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With a prostate milking video you are sure to learn how to put this technique to work. When I first learned about stimulating the gland there wasn’t too much out there. All I could really find were a bunch of articles. It’s pretty hard to explain the process, and it’s also tough to explain how good it feels. But if you see a video, it’s really easy for you to figure it out. Whether you are looking to use a toy or you are planning on just using your finger, watching one of these tutorials will make sure your first time is a success.

Before I go any further talking about my prostate milking video collection, I want to mention the toys that I like to use. I have a couple of different brands at home, and you will see several featured on this site. By far, though, the best toy comes from the Mangasm company. I have the rush, as well as the buzz. These are for guys who are a bit more advanced with the technique, but you can get one that they have called the “Alpha” – it was designed specifically to be your first prostate stimulating toy.

Okay, so what’s up with the prostate milking video on this site? Well there are actually a number of them, and not all of them are made by me. Some of them were sent in by volunteers, and others were collected from the web. Each video on this site is here with the permission of the owner. I tried to get a good collection showing different approaches, including using your finger and toys. What I think you will find, though, is that the best experiences seem to come from guys who are using toys, and I have to say that I agree.

In many of the videos there won’t be too much talking. You just have to watch the prostate milking video and see what the guy is doing. This is pretty easy in any video featuring a toy, because they are all designed to get in there and stimulate the gland without much effort at all. Once you see the results, though, you are going to be convinced that you need to give it a try. The size and force of these orgasms are pretty unbelievable, and only guys in the porn industry can compete with them.

I really think, though, that the guys in porn are using this technique to produce those huge money shots. The reason I think this is because there are times when guys in the porn world just dribble. What I have noticed is that these are usually full body shots. What I have learned from my prostate milking video is that it’s easy to keep the prostate stimulation out of the shot if you focus on the dick and the chick. So I think that they are using these methods and toys off camera to produce those magnificent money shots that we all love to see.

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The Girl Who Inspired my Prostate Milking Video

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A prostate milking video can make things much easier for you to figure out. While you may have read an article or two on the technique, there is nothing like watching a real guy go through the process and seeing the orgasm that he produces. The first time I saw one of these tutorial videos I thought it was full of some kind of special effects, because I had heard that they do that in some porno videos. But the more I watched and read about the method, the more I realized that it is true. Of course, not everyone is going to be as open minded as me, but since you’re here, I bet you are.

If you want to watch a prostate milking video that will blow your mind, you are at the right site. Some of the videos on this site feature guys having the biggest, most intense orgasms you could imagine. If you have never seen a guy shoot a wad that measures in at half a cup, then you are in for something special. Have fun watching all the videos trying to find the one I am talking about. You won’t regret it.

The more times you watch any single prostate milking video, the easier it will be for you to use the technique on your own. If you want your girlfriend to get involved, then you can have her watch them, too. Thankfully the videos are short. I think this is because the orgasm doesn’t take too long to produce. The first couple of times you go through the process you are probably going to cum within a few minutes. It’s really awesome. The good news is that it never gets boring, even once you get used to the method and start using it regularly.

One thing that you won’t learn from any prostate milking video is that it will increase the strength and size of your load during regular sex, too. I had been working my prostate for a few months when I was single. I finally picked up a girl that I had been trying to mack for a few months, and when I pulled out and shot my cum all over her belly and tits she was shocked. At first I thought she was upset that I ripped the rubber off to do that, but she explained that she liked when guys came on her.

She told me that she had never had a guy shoot so much cum so far. It turns out that I overshot her tits and got a lot on her face and in her hair. I told her that I learned the technique from a prostate milking video, and she encouraged me to start this site. She said that if I could teach other guys to do it that I would be giving a great gift to all of the women in the world. Well, now I have the site, and hopefully I am helping men and women everywhere.

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The Prostate Milking Video That Changed my Life

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The prostate milking video on this site will teach you the basics of the technique. You can also learn some advanced techniques, including those that use toys. Many of the toys featured on my video come from a company called Mangasm, but there are a few others mixed in. I am a big fan of this brand because it seems that they put a lot of time and research into making the best toys they can (as evidenced by the amazing advances they have made with a toy called the Electro). There are also more basic techniques, though.

The reason I put together this prostate milking video collection is simple. I am not a greedy man, and I see no reason to keep this technique simple. Instead, I want to share the experience with as many other people as possible. The ultimate hope is that you will learn how to milk your gland, either alone or with a partner, and then move into using this technique on a regular basis. While these orgasms are way better than any normal orgasm, they don’t ruin the vanilla experience. Instead, they actually help to enhance it, which might be a bit of a surprise to most of you.

After you watch a prostate milking video and learn the basics of the technique, you will be ready to start improving the strength of your prostate. This is going to happen naturally as you continue to milk your gland, and within a few weeks you are going to have more forceful orgasms that produce significantly more cum. The results will speak for themselves, and many of the videos on this site show guys putting forth unrealistic amounts of cum. But these are real videos and real cum shots with absolutely no special effects.

I remember a porno that I saw once when I was having a few beers with some friends. It featured a guy with a huge cock. It was obviously fake. When he started to cum it just wouldn’t stop. It was like a mini fire hose blasting semen all over this woman. She looked like she was plastered to the floor. While you won’t experience anything like that, I couldn’t help but see the similarities to those orgasms I have featured in my prostate milking video. It is about as close as you can come to the fantasy of having a never ending orgasm.

I had a girlfriend a few years ago that was a real freak. It’s too bad I hadn’t learned the technique featured in my prostate orgasm video back then. She loved it when I would talk to her about cumming. She really liked it if talked dirty and described an orgasm that lasted for a long time. I would tell her that she was going to be soaked by the goo pouring out of my cock, and that her body and sheets would be covered in the sticky stuff. If I knew this technique, I could have made her fantasy come true.

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Step by Step with a Prostate Milking Video

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You can learn to have the most intense orgasm by simply watching a prostate milking video. You will likely be in disbelief when you see the huge amounts of sperm that pour out of these guys, but you shouldn’t be. Working the prostate is a great way to increase the amount of seminal fluid that is going to come out during your ejaculation. The other thing that is really cool is that the prostate will get stronger, and it is this gland that determines how far you are able to shoot your wad. Within a few weeks of using the technique, you will see huge improvements.

What you won’t learn from a prostate milking video is that your orgasms will be stronger even without the male g-spot stimulation. As your prostate gets stronger, it will be able to force more cum out with more force even when you aren’t stimulating yourself. That’s one of the best benefits of learning the technique, if you ask me. There’s nothing like getting together with a chick who wants to suck some cum out of you, only to give her a blast that is bigger and more powerful than anything she has ever seen before.

So, besides the fact that you can blast gobs of goo into the back of her throat, what other things can you get out of watching a prostate milking video? Well, a lot of the videos on this site show the use of some toys. Most guys see this and get a little nervous, but don’t be. The company that makes most of the featured toys is called Mangasm, and they make a toy called the Alpha. It is designed with guys like you in mind, allowing you to experience the increased pleasure that comes with a properly designed toy.

You will notice in the prostate milking video that the toys look like funny shaped dildos. This is because they are designed to fit inside with ease, and they almost all have a little bulb at the tip to help make prostate stimulation easier. All you have to do is lube it up and let it in. At that point, the prostate stimulation is pretty easy to experience. You will be able to get off pretty easily with the help of one of these toys, so make sure you are ready and willing to give them a try.

Finally, if you are afraid to watch a prostate milking video, I want to share a secret with you. These videos are not porno. They are tutorials. By watching them you are learning how to do a technique that will enhance your sexual pleasure. There is absolutely no reason to feel ashamed watching someone teaching you how to do something that will give you more pleasure in your life. If you watch the videos with this in mind, then you will be able to get over your stigma and start learning how to do things for yourself that you didn’t even know were possible.

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Prostate Milking Video Tutorials and Tricks Explained

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I can’t believe that so many people are interested in my prostate milking video. When I started this site I just wanted to put some information out there for other people to learn how to do it. I get a lot of messages, though, asking me if I will put together more. I am not sure if they just want more educational videos or if they really just like to watch me. The coolest part is that I get messages from women who want more videos so they can show their husband the technique that I am employing.

The most popular request, by far, is for me to make a prostate milking video with my girlfriend. I have been asking her to do it, but she is a bit more embarrassed than me. So if you are hoping for that, you need to just keep your fingers crossed. It might help if you get us a gift certificate so we can get some new toys (we are looking at the mangasm electro) but that’s not necessary. Just keep sending in those messages and sooner or later I am sure she will cave. She never was good with peer pressure.

I already know exactly how I will put this prostate milking video together. I will start off with her giving me a blow job and putting her finger in my ass, resulting in a small prostate orgasm. This will show that the average orgasm from this technique is way better than the best that you have from just penile stimulation. I will then go on to step two, in which I immediately have another orgasm with one of my mangasm toys. I am thinking about using the Rush for round two and shooting my load into a measuring cup to prove the quantity.

The final part of the prostate milking video will again feature my wife sucking on me, but she will work my prostate with the mangasm Buzz. This third orgasm will be just as big, or bigger, than the first two, and it will prove the most important point about this technique. It allows you to have consistently large orgasms, and you can get off over and over again if you put this technique to work. It’s one of the benefits of learning to use this method that most guys don’t realize, and it is one of the best things about it.

As you get older, you are surely going to have a harder time having back to back fuck sessions with your woman. But if you learn to use the tips in my prostate milking video, you will be able to keep it up all night long. Most guys have to use prescription drugs once they hit a certain age, but that’s a waste. With this technique you will be able to fuck three or four times in a row, and the orgasms are going to be far superior than anything you have ever experienced before.

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Tiffany’s Prostate Milking Video

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The first time I saw a prostate milking video, I was impressed. My girlfriend had learned about the technique from one of her friends at work, and she kept asking me if I wanted to try it. Of course, being the typical guy I told her that she wasn’t putting anything up my ass. One day she came home and told me that her friend, Tiffany, had recorded a video of her giving her husband one of these orgasms and then having hot sex. I was really surprised by this, but I wanted to check it out because I always had a thing for Tiffany.

When we loaded the prostate orgasm video in the DVD player I was pleasantly surprised. Tiffany was wearing a hot little piece of lingerie and she was sucking her boyfriend’s cock. You would really think that these two were professionals in the porn industry, because they were doing all of the right angles. Then she pulled out a funny looking toy and lubed it up and told her husband to get on his hands and knees. I started laughing at this because the guy’s ass was really hairy, but my wife told me to be quiet.

Once she started working him the prostate milking video was pretty much over. It only took a minute or two for him to start bucking his hips. She was working the tip of his dick with her tongue and lips and squeezing it right beneath the ridge of his head. As he got closer to orgasm he kept moaning louder and louder, which surprised me because he was always a pretty quiet guy. Finally, when he started to cum, she moved out of the way and he was cumming on this black paper towel or napkin. It was impressive.

It seemed like he would never stop cumming. He kept screaming with pleasure, and it was kind of amazing. I never thought that my wife would bring home a prostate milking video, especially not with Tiffany in it, but by the end of it I had forgotten all about my little crush on her and decided that I wanted to give it a try. It turned out that this whole thing was a set up by my wife, who had already bought the same toy as Tiffany, called the Mangasm Alpha. I told her that I was ready to rock and roll, and we gave it a try.

Since then I have decided to make my own prostate milking video, because I want other guys to see the same sort of thing. I want to make sure that as many other couples learn about the technique so they can start using it in their sex life. The best part about it is the feeling, but it’s also nice to know that there are health benefits. The toys sold by mangasm are pretty great, and they’re not very expensive, so you can give them a try and experience a great orgasm.

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Every Guy is Into Prostate Milking

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There is a well kept secret that few guys would ever admit. Since I started running this website I have had thousands of submissions from people who want to share their experience with prostate milking. When I first put it together, I thought that I would only have a few visitors and that they would be people who are really willing to try the kinkiest things they can imagine. But the longer I have this site up, the more messages I get from every day guys. Some of them thank me for introducing the technique, and others share their tips.

I have published some of these articles about prostate milking on the site. A lot of them aren’t worth putting up here, and many are just too short. My favorite is the story about the guy who met his dream girl in college. She taught him how to get off with this technique and then pretty much dumped him. But the experience she gave him is probably the best gift that he could have ever received, and he learned how to do it when he was a freshman in college, meaning he had lots of opportunities to experience this technique.

If you want to know my favorite prostate milking technique, then get ready to learn it. There is a toy produced by the Mangasm company called the electro. This toy introduces mild electrical pulses to the prostate, causing it to spasm just right. The feeling you will experience is indescribable. The pleasure will radiate from the inside out, and you will have an orgasm without even needing to touch yourself. The toy is a bit intimidating, and I had mine for a few weeks before I built up the guts to try it. The good news is that it was nothing but pleasure.

You can use any number of toys, and if you don’t have the cash for them, then your finger will work. But after you are experienced with prostate milking, you definitely want to try the electro. This technique has been around for a long time. Nurses use it in the sperm banks to get guys to produce huge amounts of cum in a short period of time. I’m not sure if that is where the Mangasm people learned about it or not, but it doesn’t matter. When you experience it, you will be glad you learned about it.

If you want to try out prostate milking, then don’t be afraid. It seems that just about every guy is doing it, but no one is admitting it. You just need to get brave and give it a shot. Remember to use lube and clean your toy as instructed.

Once you get used to the technique then you are going to be ready to experience the most amazing orgasms that you could dream of. It doesn’t matter if you use a toy, your finger, or the electro. Just putting in the effort to learn how to do it is going to be worth it.

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Find Out Why My Wife Loves Prostate Milking

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I wish there was some sort of trophy I could give my wife for introducing me to prostate milking. The first time she asked me to try it I was nervous. You might be nervous to give it a try, too. Let me tell you that there is nothing to fear. Your wife’s little finger, or even the most basic prostate stimulator, is not going to cause any pain or discomfort. As a matter of fact, once you find the male g-spot, things are going to feel better than you ever could have imagined. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but I will try.

When you experience prostate milking, there is a pleasurable tingle that starts deep inside of you and radiates out through your balls and to the tip of your dick. It is a very fulfilling feeling. My wife thinks that it is probably similar to the way it feels when she has her clit stimulated and the g-spot stimulated at the same time. The pleasure radiates out wards in little pulses with each press on the prostate. After just a few seconds you will recognize that familiar feeling of an impending orgasm, and you won’t be able to stop it.

Learning prostate milking techniques is pretty easy. The best way to do it is with a toy that is designed for this purpose. While you could use your finger, I have found that it’s much easier to find and milk the gland with a toy designed for this purpose. If you really want to experience the orgasm that I am describing, then the best thing to do is just get yourself a toy. For the first timer, you can use something called the Mangasm Alpha. If you have already become familiar with using your finger, you might just want to get the rush or the buzz.

After a few times going through the process of prostate milking you will become used to it, and you will definitely do it on a regular basis. Remember not to put too much pressure on the gland, at it is sensitive. You should never put anything more than a light pressure on it. As soon as it starts to feel good you are applying enough pressure. You will learn just what it takes and eventually you will be able to blast a load through prostate stimulation without working your shaft at all.

I really think that sharing the experience with my partner is part of what makes it so great. Instead of plain old sex, we now have another way to have fun. The cool thing is that this technique has allowed me to fuck my wife two or three times in a single night. As you get older, it gets harder to stay erect after the first orgasm. But with prostate milking, you can induce another erection quickly and then pound away at your wife. Whether or not you continue milking at that point the prostate is up to you.

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Prostate Milking and the Male G-Spot

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The first time you experience a prostate milking is going to be just as magical and exciting as the first time you had sex. The process is going to be a little awkward at first, but if you just calm down and relax it will all go a lot smoother. The thing that you need to remember is that you aren’t going to hurt yourself by using an introductory toy and a little bit of light pleasure. Starting off with a small toy, like the Mangasm Alpha, can make things go way better than you expected.

Make sure that you use a lubricant, whether you are using your finger or a toy. The majority of times a guy feels discomfort from this technique is because he tries to do it dry. That’s going to cause anyone a bit of discomfort. Just think about vaginal sex with a dry vagina. Do you think that is going to feel good for anyone? It’s the same thing when it comes to male g-spot stimulation. You need a lube so that things can go smoothly, but the ass doesn’t really produce a lube like a vagina does. So you need to buy a lubricant.

With your mangasm Alpha and a bit of lube, you can get things going pretty easy. These toys are designed with prostate milking in mind, and they are shaped just right to help you hit the male g-spot. Within a few minutes of finding the gland you are going to feel your orgasm building up. Avoid putting too much pressure on the prostate. A light stimulation is all that is needed, and if you get too intense you could actually hurt yourself.

Once you learn the basics of prostate milking you might decide that you want your partner to do it for you, or you might want to move up to larger, more stimulating toys. This isn’t that tough. Your girlfriend can do it for you, and her experience with her own g-spot will make it easy for her to find yours. Using a larger toy, like the Mangasm Rush, will also make the process a lot easier for both of you. Always use lube and be prepared to clean up a huge mess, because your dick is going to shoot more cum out than you thought possible, and it’s going to fly all over the place like a rocket blasting off.

The best thing I can tell you is to just give it a try. If you’re thinking about it, then you need to experience it. It really is true that prostate milking can bring about the most intense and pleasurable orgasm that you have ever experienced. If you are brave enough to give it a try, then you are going to reap the rewards of increased sexual satisfaction. Don’t put it off any longer. Just get the toy (or even use your finger) and give it a shot. You most definitely will not be disappointed.

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The Girls Guide to Prostate Milking Her Man

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Would you believe that prostate milking is one of the most popular topic among sexually active couples today? I receive a lot of email from female readers who want to know how to introduce the technique to their boyfriend or husbands. This can be kind of tricky, especially if he never talked about it before. Here is my advice to you: ask him if he wants to experience an orgasm that is an 11 out of 10. Ask him if he wants to really experience the ultimate orgasm and if he would be open minded enough to let you share it with him.

Chances are, the guy will be open to this. Don’t tell him that you are going to give him a prostate milking. Tell him that he has to promise to give it a shot, and that if he doesn’t like it then you will never try it again. The secret is that any guy who is even just a little comfortable with himself is going to love the technique, and he is going to ask for it again and again. I would recommend that you start out with a toy like the Mangasm Alpha.

The reason I recommend this is because it can be tough for you to stimulate his penis while prostate milking with your finger. If you are having a hard time making it work, then it’s not going to be fun and he might not experience the results you are looking for. Using this toy with some lube is really easy, and he won’t even mind the insertion. He might hesitate at first, but remind him that you have just learned about the technique and that he is going to love it. Also remind him that he only has to try it once, and if he hates it you will never try again.

With the mangasm Alpha inserted, you want to gently stimulate it just like you would when you are hitting your own g-spot. The prostate is a bit further in the anus than the g-spot is in the vagina. When you have a few tries with prostate milking it will be easy to find it, but because of the size and shape of the Alpha you won’t have much of a hard time getting it right the first time. He can lay on his back with his legs spread while you do this.

I recommend you use the lube for the toy on his penis, too. This will allow you to give him a really fast and intense hand job while you are working his g-spot. You won’t have to worry about giving him oral, because the pleasure from the prostate milking is going to be very intense. It’s probably not a good idea to put your lips on it at first, anyway, because he is going to cum more than you knew possible. After the first session he is definitely going to be interested in doing it again, and that’s what it’s all about.

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