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Discover What A Prostate Milking Video With The Mangasm Flux Made Me Do

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Discover What A Prostate Milking Video With The Mangasm Flux Made Me Do

About a week ago, I saw one of my favorite porn stars using the Mangasm Flux in a prostate milking video. According to this prostate milking video, if you use the toy just right you will experience an incredible orgasmic experience that allows cum to come pouring out of your cock, the same way it comes pouring out of your girl if you do her right.

Being the type of man that I am, I have to admit I was always curious about how it would feel to experience an orgasm like a woman. What man in his right mind would not want to know what it feels like to release their load and be able to experience the same intense feeling, over and over again? I got the Mangasm Flux in the mail about a couple of days ago and I was ready to see if the prostate milking video I had been watching was telling the truth about this product.

When I took the toy out of its packaging it didn’t look like much. To be honest with you, the Mangasm Flux looks like a piece of string with a couple of different sized balls attached to it. I wouldn’t put this toy on one of the most attractive sex toy lists, but I could care less about looks I want to know how great this toy feels.

I’ve done some anal masturbation in my day, so I wasn’t scared to use the Mangasm Flux in this area. No, I’m not a gay guy; I’m just very open with my sexuality. The way I see it, is if something feels good everyone should be able to enjoy it without being judged. Anyways, enough about me, let’s get back onto the subject of this toy.

I used the bottom ring that is attached to the toy to pull the toy in and out of my anus, creating more pressure on my prostate gland. I only had to pull the toy in and out my ass about four times before cumming all over the place. The funny thing was that after I shot my load one time, my cock was still hard, so I was able to leave the Mangasm Flux in and go for round two. Multiple orgasms are absolutely incredible!

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